Dinosaur Wiki

Hi peoples of the wiki!!!

I think we need more articles and ways to improve the pages. Therefore I've drawn up this list of things.

  • Create a taxobox to clean up "Fact File" clutter on the pages
  • Create more sauropod and ornithischian articles
  • Include more details about dinosaurs in museums
  • Add articles on other prehistoric flora and fauna (only for instances in which dinosaur and other object interacted, such as eaten/been eaten by/used as nesting material/etc.)
  • THE GOLDEN GOAL! Create articles for every single genus of dinosaurs in existence!

If we all work together we can achieve all these goals and create the most magnificent dinobase around!

  • NOTICE* Page will be updated when I come up with new goals/cross out goals that have been achieved/and so on.

Let's do this!