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Hey! I am Troodon145, one of the wiki's two non-Founder bureaucrats. My rank means that I am essentially a sysop (but I can boss the sysops around), but I can give you user rights such as sysop and rollback (I could give you bureaucrat, but we have enough of them. Remember the Founders count as bureaucrats). I am a high ranking use on this wiki, and I report directly to the Founders. Feel free to contact me on my talk page if you have ANY questions about the wiki. Visit my blog page to see my views on stuff! (if you can be bothered or you really like me!) It's on the pages i'm following called dino stuff.

My contributions

See my contributions to this wiki (Be warned, its quite boring trawling through them all)

My edit medals

I have won the Bronze Edit medal for making 250 edits to the wiki.

My next medal is the Silver Edit medal at 500 edits to the wiki.

Here are the medals I have won so far:

Basiceditmedal1.png The Basic medal can be won at 100 edits.

Bronzeeditmedal1.png The Bronze medal can be won at 250 edits.

My favorite pages

Thanks for reading my userpage!

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