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About me

Hello! I am Raptor 225. I love dinasours, and I hope to share my love of dinos with you. I am the joker of the 3 founders, and hope to fiil this wiki with lots of good jokes (hopefully) and wisecracks. As a founder of this wiki, I am of the highest command (apart form Wikia staff and along with my fellow founders) and will come down hard on vandals and spammers. But don't let that put you off. If you have any problems with these pages, I will always be hear to listen to them! You can find a link to all the founders pages underneath the search bar. Happy editing!!!

My edit medals

I have won the Bronze Edit medal for making 250 edits to the wiki.

My next medal is the Silver Edit medal at 500 edits to the wiki.

Here are the medals I have won so far:

Basiceditmedal1.png The Basic medal can be won at 100 edits.

Bronzeeditmedal1.png The Bronze medal can be won at 250 edits.

My favorite pages

Some of my fav pages are:

  • Velociraptor, which was Article of the Month for December 2009 and my personal crown jewel.
  • T-Rex, the wiki's most visited article. (This was actually made by my fellow Founder T-Rex 882)