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Doc Tari[]

Doc Tari (human codename Doctor), is the leader of the team. He is a Parasaurolophus only with a hole in the center that contains many gadgets, including a buzz-saw. The team's most focused member; but is every bit as unfocused as Kutter and Squat when not chasing the humans or performing missions. Doc, both in voice and mannerisms is a parody of various Arnold Schwarzenegger film characters such as John Matrix from Commando, Dutch from Predator, and with a bit of the Terminator. His catch phrase is "We move!" Voiced by Savage Steve Holland, the co-creator.


Day Z. Kutter (human codename daisycutter) is the second in command of the team. He is a Styracosaurus, although he was mis-addressed as a Triceratops. As his name suggests, he is good with knives, being the master of the knife fight, and wears a skull T-shirt. Kutter is smarter than Squat, but dumber than Doc. Voiced by Bill Kopp, also the co-creator.


Bo Diddly Squat is the third member of the team and their top sniper. He is an Allosaurus. He is the cliché "dim-witted clumsy screw-up" (a la Curly Howard). His voice and mannerisms appear to be similar to Private Hudson, Bill Paxton's character from the film Aliens. Squat is often used as the volunteer to assess dangerous situations. His catchphrase is "Blast 'em all and let the archeologists sort 'em out!" and "Something tells me that's a bad thing," (to which Kutter would respond, "Yes Squat, that would fit nicely in the bad things category!!!"). Voiced by Jason Priestly and later by Corey Feldman in the fifth season of Eek! Stravaganza.