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The Dinosaur Tales

The Dinosaur Tales

By MCsaurus

This new story will be a Computer-Animated Prehistoric Adventure Movie

Dink, Amber, Flapper and Shyler are based on same characters from Dink the Little Dinosaur by Karen Willson and Chris Weber

    The Story about a young Apatosaurus named Dink and his father Apato join The Great Herd led by an old wise Brachiosaurus Baylene on their journey to find a peaceful valley called the Green Meadow as their new home. But until the herds are attack by a pack of Allosaurus, Dink and his new friends fall into a river from the herds, so young dinosaurs will work together fine a way to fine the herds until they befriends a orphan Tyrannosaurus to found a way... to enter the Green Meadow.

    Long, long ago before the humans in this world, was the age of the mightiest reptiles ever to walk the Earth… the dinosaurs. Dinosaurs lived in a large beautiful paradise with a lot of green plants and the clear blue waters. But they knew that danger always lurked in the dark forest and a dangerous volcano called the Fire Mountain.

    One day, a large Apatosaurus named Apato looking for green food and give them to his wife and their nest wait for their eggs hatch, but until she is attack by a hungry meat-eating Giganotosaurus named Gigano. Apato try to save them and fight Gigano. Apato finally stands and scared Gigano away but sadly, his wife will died and eggs crasher, all but luckily one egg safe.

    “I’m so sorry, my dear.” Apato said sad. “I just try to protect you and our eggs, but I failed.”

    “Don’t blame yourself, Apato.” She said weaker and give one egg left to him. “Take care our child will hatch for me and if it’s a boy, I name him... Dink.”

    “I will, my dear. I promised.” Apato said then sadly his wife died and an egg is being hatch and she was right, it’s a boy. Apato was glad for became a father of a young Apatosaurus as his son named Dink.

Years later, a 10-year-old Dink needs learns from his father Apato all about everything he knows.

    “How many kinds are they, dad?” Dink asked.

    Well, son, there’s many kinds are Threehorns, Hollowhorns, Spiketails, Clubtails, Flyers and of ‘cause Longnecks, like us.” Apato explains. “There is why we’re dinosaurs.”

    But should we hang with them or can I play with their kids while I make friends sometimes?” Dink said.

    “Perhaps, but sure you can make friends with them, son.” Apato said let Dink go to meet other dinosaur species. “Oh, one more thing: watch out for Meat-Eaters somewhere in the paradise and don’t go to the Fire Mountain, because they’re very dangerous. Call me for helps if you need me.”

    Dink understands what his dad said and walks and looks around the herds for make friends.

    “I wonder what if the Fire Mountain start rumble.” Dink thinking out about the volcano but he won’t go there.

    Dink walks and closed look at the herd until he befriends... a blue Triceratops who’s young like Dink.

    “My name’s Tops.” He said friendly. “Won we play?”

    “I’m Dink and sure.” He said.

    So Dink and Tops because friends and try to play but until they’re start run for it from a hungry meat-eater Ceratosaurus! Dink and Tops try to calls the help until Dink’s father Apato arrives while he hear they calls the help and get ready to fight Ceratosaurus. While Apato’s huge make scared Ceratosaurus away but suddenly the volcano get rumbled and start eruption and fire rocks pops out from volcano into forest gets fire!

    “Let’s get out of here from fire, boys!” Apato said and run away from forest fire and return to his herd for safe but where Dink’s new friend’s herds is.

    While Dink and his father help Tops for find his herds until they found them then meet their leader Baylene the old wise Brachiosaurus and Tops’ father Trike who say thanks to Apato for save his son’s life when he meets Dink.

    “My son and herd and I try to find somewhere safe for our new home because the paradise is destroyed by Fire Mountain.” Apato explained. “But we don’t know where to go.”

    “Well, if you and your herd come with us with our herds, we’ll walk together to find a peaceful valley,” Baylene said. “It called the Green Meadow.”

    Apato, Dink and their herd thinks to like it, so they accepted to join the herd with many dinosaur species.

    “Welcome to the Great Herds.” Baylene said. “Our journey will start to the Green Meadow in the morning when a Flyer will find it to return to us I send.”

    Next day morning, Dink looking for his friend Tops and hanging out around in the herds, but suddenly a mean Triceratops with a black horn and three scars on his face named Black Horn blocked Dink away. He scowled at Dink and then turned to Tops.

    “Come, Tops.” He scolded “Threehorns never play with Longnecks-” but he’s thwarted by Tops’ father Trike’s arrival.

     “Black Horn, leave them alone!” Trike said. “I let my son will play with his friend Dink because I own his father once for save my son’s life.”

    So Black Horn grumped to run off and Trike apologizes to Dink about his brother’s bad attitude, and Tops go with Dink to play but Dink asked something.

    “That Back Horn is your uncle?” he said.

    “Oh, yeah.” Tops said. “He’s a worst Threehorn who hate many species I ever seen.”

    While Dink and Tops walk away from the Black Horn, Tops introduce Dink to his friends: Amber the Corythosaurus and Flapper the Pteranodon.

    “Nice to meet you guys.” Dink said. “So are we going to our new home the Green Meadow like Baylene talking about it?”

    “Ah, yes, Dink.” Amber excited. “The valley is special place we going away from mean Meat-Eaters.”

    “Baylene send my uncle Longbeak will find the Green Meadow until he’ll return to us while he’ll find it.” Flapper explained. “Can’t wait we go there for safe.”

    Dink glad while make friends with Tops, Amber and Flapper.

    Dink hang with his new friends but until he see two hatchlings, a young Edaphosaurus and an obese Stegosaurus who try get leaves down from the tree for eat but it’s so tall.

    “I can help you guys for get green food down” Dink grabbed leaves on ground for children eat.

    “Oh, golly, thank you.” An Edaphosaurus shy. “My name’s Shyler the Sailback and this is my friend Glump the Spiketail... who always like to eat green food. He’s an orphan whiles his parents' killed by Meat-Eaters so my family and I take cared him.”

    Dink understand how Glump feels about his mother’s killed by a huge Meat-Eater named Gigano, so do Tops know how feel.

    “Would we be friends with you guys who help to give us green food?” Shyler asked.

    “Sure, well be great.” Dink said and Shyler and Glump are excited for make friends with Dink and his new friends. “We’ll going to the Green Meadow together.”

    While the herds eat leaves from trees left, Flapper’s uncle Longbeak return and tells Baylene about he found a way to find the Green Meadow and he says: Just follow the river to the lake and find a tunnel somewhere to the Green Meadow.”

    While Baylene listened to what Longbeak says, she tells the herds before start they’re journey to the Green Meandow.

    “We’ll move to follow the river to the lake, but we’ll take rest and drink water for few minutes.” Baylene said. “But if Meat-Eaters will get us, we must stand and defence together and protect our children.”

    So the herds agree with to follow Baylene who follow river, but Black Horn grumped didn’t like.

    “How long have go to the Green Meadow, dad?” Dink asked.

    “In few days, son.” Apato said. “It’s going to be the long days.

    Few days later, the Great Herds arrived at the lake but where is water because the water’s gone.

    Baylene wounded what happed to water anywhere, but Black Horn stubborned says it’s probably the water has dried up the lake. So he ordered his Threehorn herds to keep moving away from the Great Herds, but his younger brother Trike says can’t moving without water because they’re exhausted, so do the Great Herds.

    The herds were exhausted and try to the water somewhere but they’re tired and need rest. All herds except...

    “Oh, golly.” Shyler said where is his friend Glump anywhere. “I think he’s looking for the water.”

    “Maybe you’re right, Shyler.” Dink sees what Glump is doing. “He’s smelled something in the lake. Come on, guys.”

    So Dink and his friends follow Glump who looking for the water then they found a dam up the waterfall by a large tree that can’t move. So children know what to do: moving the tree aside, destroyed the dam and the water come put to the lake.

    Dink turned and called out to his dad and the Great Herds.

    “We found water from the dam!” Dink shouted. “Come on!”

    Later while Black Horn and his three scouts looking something from the Great Herds, Baylene say thanks to Dink and his friends who found the water for the herds who drink and she says “If you children did good work together, united we stand up together.” But suddenly they’re ambushed by three Allosauruses. Baylene try to protect children but one of Allosauruses sketched on her leg badly and children jump into the river and Flapper follow them swept downstream to somewhere.

    Baylene try to calls her herds help but she’s rescued by Black Horn and his scouts who return the Great Herds. Threehorns chased Allosauruses away but Black Horn kills their leader. The Great Herds arrive and Trike tells his brother what happens.

    “Those Sharptooths try to attack her so I save her but unfortunately she’s injured and weak.” The Herds can’t believe it what Black Horn says. “That why I’ll take over her leadership for now it.”

    Apato asked what about and where children go but Black Horn cruel says. “Who care? They’re probably killed by those Sharptooths.” Apato shocked then feels sad for his son’s gone, even Trike feels sad, too.

    Later at beach from the downstream river, children are finally safe but how could they find a way to go back to the Herds. They’re gone worried and don’t knows what to do.

    “Now, where we’ll go to, Tops?” Amber asked.

    “Well, I... I don’t know where we go.” Tops said hard to think.

    “Don’t worry, Glump.” Said Shyler makes him better. “We’ll find to eat green food somewhere.”

    “But what if any Meat-Eaters find to eat us, we’re in their stomachs.” Flapper scared. “We’re doom.”

    Dink sees his friends’ worried and don’t known but then he knows what to do.

    “We’re can’t giving up, guys.” Dink said to tell them what to do. “I know we’re worried but we have work together, like Baylene says, to find a way to find the Herds as a group.”

    “Good idea, Dink. But who take change as a leader?” Tops asked. “I have try to thinks, but it’s too hard.”

    “Then leave that to me.” Dink said. “I’ll lead you to find the Herds while my dad taught me as a leader.”

    “Alright, Dink, so tell us where we go to find the herds? Amber asked.

    Dink tries to think then know to do. “Flapper, go flying up there to find to show us the path.”

    “You got it, Dink.” Flapper said to fly up to see then found something. “I found to follow the path but there’s something weird.”

    “Then, let’s go, guys.” Dink lead his friends to follow Flapper who found something weird, and something is...

    A Tyrannosaurus on the ground!

    “Is it’s dead?” Amber asked.

    “I think so but something is not right.” Shyler said then see it been slaved. “I bet it was killed by not other Meat-Eaters but someone else.”

    “Then who?” Tops asked. “Who could kill it?”

    “It doesn’t matter, guys.” Flapper worried. “We’re better get out of here from this Meat-Eater to find the Herds before other Meat-Eaters will get us.”

    So children agree with Amber to leave but Dink hears someone cry... in a small cave, so Dink follows someone’s cry and someone is... a young Tyrannosaurus!

    Dink found a young male Tyrannosaurus who feels sad so his friends follow him.

    “Are you right, little one?” Dink gentle. “We’ll not hurt you.”

    “Are you kidding, Dink?” Tops said “He can’t talk because he’s a Meat-Eater”.

    “A-a-actually...” a young Tyrannosaurus tries to say. “I do can talk like you guys.”

    Children shocked to believe he can talk, so Dink asked him what happens.

    “Well... I was looking for water with my mother who’s thirsty.” A young Tyrannosaurus said.

    “Your mother?” Shyler said “You mean that Meat-Eater whose killed over there is you mother?”

    Amber says oh, dear and Dink says and then what happens and who kills a young Tyrannosaurus’ mother.

    “And suddenly a mean Threehorn come for the water but then... he kills my mother.” He said sadly and Tops asked what Threehorn who kills his mother. “I think I seen a Threehorn with black horn and three scars on his face and his name’s Black Horn.”

    Tops shocked then fells so sorry for a young Tyrannosaurus says about his uncle kills his mother.

    “So what we do with him?” Amber asked. We can’t leave him here.”

    “She’s right, guys.” Shyler said.” No one take care him and no other Meat-Eaters like him somewhere.”

    Children try to thinks but Dink decided. “We’re take care him with us.” He said and his friends asked why. “Because I know how he feels about his mother’s died just like my mother’s died when I was hatch.”

    Children understand then agree with Dink. Before they continued find the Herds, Tops asked what a Tyrannosaurus’ name but he said don’t have a name, then Dink get idea gift him name, “We call you Max.” So a Tyrannosaurus likes his name Max.

    So seven young dinosaur; a Longneck, a Threehorn, a Hollowhorn, a Flyer, a Sailback, a Spiketail and a new friend a friendly Meat-Eater are a group who searcher for the Great Herds who searcher for the Green Meadow. They’re work together like...

    They cross the river together.

    They climb the ledge together.

    And they take a break to eat leaves from a tree and Max and Flapper... caugt to eat fishes from the river.

    And finally... children back to the dried lake but where’s the Herd go anywhere.

    “The Great Herds must have left dried lake far away to searched enter to the Green Meadow somewhere.” Shyler said.

    “So, what we do, Dink?” Amber said.

    “Let follow their footprints to find the Herds before something happens.” Dink said.

    Dink and his friends followed footprints on the route, but they see a thunderstorm moved in. As lightning flashed and thunder roared, children got scared and need to find shelter somewhere.

    Then a shadowy figure appeared in the distance.

    “Was it a big Meat-Eater?” Flapper scared.

    “No, it’s Baylene!” Amber cried. “And she’s still hurt when Hunters attack.”

    Dink and his friends offered to help but first asked what happens and where are the Herds. Baylene was glad to see young dinosaurs again from the river.

    “The Herds is taking over and took my leadership by Black Horn. I try to calls the Herds help me but they didn’t hear me. So I can’t walk from the Herds because my leg’s hurt and I needs rest need until you children survivor to found me.” She explained until be surprised to see one of young dinosaurs. “Oh, who’s this? A Meat-Eater?”

    “This is Max and he’s our friend.” Dink explained. “We found him in a small cave from the nest.”

    “And he says about his mother was killed by my uncle Black Horn who got gone badly.” Tops explained. “I can’t believe he couldn’t do that... but he did.”

    “Oh, dear, poor young one.” Baylene said how sad to nuzzled makes Max better.

    Just then, a flash of lightning lit up the sky. Dink see friend Glump had discovered the entrance to a cave.

    “We’ll talks about it later, Baylene.” Dink said and tells his friends. “We’ll be in that cave when Glump found a cave for the shelter.”

    So Baylene and young dinosaurs enter a cave.

    In the cave, Amber and Shyler nursed Baylene’s wounded. And Baylene still tell young dinosaurs about what happed.

    “So Black Horn blames me and take over the Great Herds when try save me but unfortunately he killed one of Hunters and called them Sharptooths”. She explained.

    Max shocked then sad and say don’t like someone say that word and his friends say what he means.

    “Sharptooth is a cruel word Meat-Eaters don’t like.” Max explained about the word. “If some Leaf-Eaters say to Meat-Eaters “Sharptooth” again, make Grown-Ups angry and children, like me… make sad and hurt feelings.”

    “Oh, that’s word’s horrible hurt feeling.” Tops said. “We should never say that word to other Meat-Eaters again.”

    “Yeah, but now, we need rest and sleep here in the cave.” Dink said. “We’ll wake up in the morning when the storm is over.”

    So his friends aggress, even Baylene get to sleep in the cave.

    Later that night and still rained outside, Baylene and children slept peacefully, but suddenly, they hear something out of cave was huge footsteps.

    “Who goes there?” Dink said then Max smells something out there is a... huge Meat-Eater. Dink and Max don’t know who and what it is, but Baylene tell them keep down and be quite then she know who is.

    “It’s Gigano.” Baylene said quietly and Dink has heard his father told him about Gigano who murder his mother before he was hatch.

    “What we do, Baylene?” Dink asked quietly.

    “Wake your friends and follow me.” Baylene said and wake children to deep into the cave.

    Everyones but Tops falls down on ground so Dink and Max helps and bring Tops back until they be seen by Gigano who enter the cave and then...

    “Run for it!” Dink shouted and starts to run.

    Dink, Tops and Max run away from Gigano who chased them until Baylene slam Gigano off with her tail and save them.

    “I’ll hold Gigano off!” Baylene tell to Dink. “You and your friends get moving into the cave quickly!”

    Dink led his friends deep into cave. Baylene slam down a pillar to escape from Gigano.

    Gigano was beaten and Baylene is safe. But the cave was closed. Dink and his friends went deeper into cave.

    “Are you alright, Baylene?” Amber asked worried.

    “I’m okay, but my leg’s still hurt little.” Baylene said.

    “Then you need rest here, Baylene.” Dink said and led his friends started searching for an exit somewhere.

    Meanwhile, Black Horn drove Threhorns forward but the herds are so tired and hungry. Apato see the herds walked slowly. But a adult Corythosaurus couldn’t go on for long, His wife try to calls Black Horn for help but he refused and don’t care, until his brother Trike help them up right, so Apato help, too.

    “Thank you for care my husband better.” Said a female Corythosaurus name Corin is Amber’s mother and her husband name Duck is her father. “Do you think children be alright?”

    “But my brother say about they’re killed by Meat-Eaters.” Trike thought.

    “No, Trike, I’m sure they’re alright and my son will lead his friends to find us.” Apato said. “I hoped.”

    So Apato and Trike care Corythosaurus family back to the Great Herds.

    Meanwhile in the cave trapped, Baylene still rest and children still looking for an exit until Max smell something.

    “Hey, guys.” Max said, sniffing the air. “I think I found a hole in the rocks.” It was fresh air. A ray of sunlight shone though.

    “Good job, Max.” Dink said but how removed rocks from a hole. They’re so many and larges. “We’re tried to move rocks work together, but we’re not strong enough and we’re not big enough.”

    “I guess you’re right, Dink.” Tops said. “Because we’re just kids and we’re... too little do everything.”

    “You hatchlings aren’t strong and big enough, eh?” Baylene said. “But you did right thing about work together as a group like friends like cared me feel better. And you know what, Dink? You were right. If you and your friends can’t remove rocks from a hole, then leave that to me.”


    Baylene finally used strength rammed the rock wall while the children get behind her and watch until... CRASH! She broke though then gets tried but sudden they finally free out of a hole while discovered to found...

    The Green Meadow! A large valley with a huge lake and many leaves from trees and bushes.

    “We finally found... our new home.” Amber excited.

    “And there have a lot of green foods!” Tops said.

    “Hooray, let’s eat!” Dink shouted.

    Everybody but Flapper and Max, eat leaves, so Flapper found to catch fishes from the lake to freed Max and himself.

    Baylene eats leaves from the tree then gets rest and children eat leaves from small trees and ‘course, Glump... eats too much leaves and berries then gets fatter. Dink found to eat leaves until meets... an old wise Megalochelys named Crusty and a golden Archaeopteryx named Aaron.

    “Welcome to the Green Meadow, new comers.” Crusty said. “But where’s the herds who with you?”

    Baylene will tell Crusty about what happens.

    Children get full while they eat leaves, Baylene still tells Crusty about the herds leave her because Black horn took them from her and children found and help her get into the cave but was attack by Gigano until chased the Meat-Eater away while blocked the cave and then found to removed rocks from another hole the Green Meadow. Wondering where’s the herds go?

    “I see, but good new is Aaron found the herds arrive at the pathway to enter the Green Meadow.” Crusty said but noticed could be trouble. “But bad new is the pathway... is blocked by boulders.”

    Dink and his friends though their families and the herds.

    “We have go to find the herds before they’ll never make it over that.” Dink said

    So the children raced back though the cave to find the herd while Baylene rest at the valley and she seen them braver and say be careful.

    At the pathway, Apato try to tell the Great Herds will find another way to the Green Meadow, but Black Horn refused and never listen.

    “We Threehorns will never listen to other kinds like you, Longneck.” Black Horn cruel said then has decided. “In the morning, I say we’ll climb it.”

    Apato and the Great Herds don’t like that sound badly, even Trike and his Threehorn herds.

    Next morning at dawn, Apato can’t sleep because he missed his son be alright in somewhere but until...

    “Dad!” shouted Dink while Apato hear to see his son and his friends arrives and found the Great Herds.

    “Oh, my son, I’m so glad at you and your friends are safe.” Apato said then asked surprise. “And who is this Meat-Eater?”

    “This is our friend Max, dad.” Dink said. “We found him from his nest.”

    Apato see then say what happened to Max’s family and Tops will explain about terrible happened.

    “Max told us about my uncle Black Horn killed his mother and destroy her nest.” Tops said.

    Apato say its sound horrible and Dink will tell him and the herds they found something.

    Apato tell the herds the good news. “Our children are alive and tell us something they found the way to the Green Meadow.”

    The Great Herds believe what children say everything, but Black Horn didn’t.

    “Nonsense!” Black Horn grumps. “Those hatchlings probably made that story up. And beside, we’re grown-ups are better than hatchlings, especially Threehorns are the best!”

    But someone say about Black Horn killed his mother, and someone is Max.

    Black Horn hears to expecting Max who can talk about it.

    “Who is this Sharptooth?” Black Horn cruel asked.

    “Don’t ever call him “Sharptooth”, uncle Black Horn.” Tops said and tells him back off and leave Max alone. “He’s our friend Max the friendly Meat-Eater.”

    “We found to take care of him from his old nest with his mother’s killed.” Dink said. “And anyway, Black Horn, it’s not right about Threehorns are the best than others or maybe you’re the best than other Threehorns.”

    Other Threehorns be shocked and worried and Black Horn will be almost furious but Dink will explain to tell.

    “My friends and I were survived together as a group. We walk together, we found to eat green foods and drink water together, we help to bring Baylene to the cave until found a way to the Green Meadow together.” Dink said. “And our species are strongest enough than a single kind like you’re so selfish.”

    “So we found you and the herds will follow us to the Green Meadow safe.” Amber said.

    “And beside, uncle Black Horn, we’ll not get over those rocks.” Tops warned. “There’s a sheer drop on the other side.”

    “That’s way you’re going to kill the Great Herds, Black Horn!” Dink shouted.

    “Like you did kill my mother I saw!” Max shouted.

    The herds shocked what Max says but Black Horn get furious and going kill Max because he’s a Meat-Eater. But until someone save him from stop Black Horn...

    It’s his little brother Trike who finally agreed with the children who found the way to the Green Meadow.

    “That’s enough, Black Horn!” Trike said to his brother who try to kills Max. “I’ve had it with you’re too stubbornness anymore.”

    “Our children were right all times and we should’ve listened to them who found the way to the Green Meadow for us.” Said Amber’s mother Corin.

    “We’ll never listen to you who going kill us all.” Flapper’s father said. “If Apato will tell us right, we’ll listen to follow Apato and the children.”

    So the Great Herds is now follow Apato and his son Dink and his friends will show them to the valley.

    But suddenly, they hear a terrible sound thundered out – ROAR! Oh, no! It was Gigano the mean Giganotosaurus! The Great Herds panicked and begin to run for it.

    “What, everybody, don’t move!” Dink told them. “There more of us and there’s only one of Gigano! We must stand together!”

    “Min son’s right.” Apato agreed and tell them. “We must defend together against Gigano!”

    The Great Herds join Apato. They bravely and stood up to the mean Giganotosaurus with their skills: Threehorns’ horns, Hollowhorns’ sounds, Spiketails’ spikes, Glubtails’ glubs and Longnecks’ sizes... are huge.

    But suddenly Gigano saw one member who left behind and stood alone – Black Horn.

    The Giganotosaurus charged Black Horn, Apato and Trike tried to help him, but they were too late. Black Horn fell to the ground.

    Dink and his friends tried to help Apato and Trike who fight Gigano but Trike got hurt and gets a scar on his face by the Giganotosaurus’ claws until he’s save by Max.

    Dink tells his friends he got an idea: a huge boulder. With strength and brave, children pull a boulder to fell into Gigano to the ground once and for all.

    The Giganotosaurus is finally defeated, Apato say thanks to his son Dink and his friends for tried to help and Trike say thanks to Max who save his life.

    Then the children show Apato who led the Great Herds safely to the Green Meadow and they say “Welcome our new home.”

    Days later, the herds have eggs till all hatches on their nests and they eat leaves and drink water. Apato and Trike was glad at Baylene’s feel better and say to Apato.

    “If I say thanks to you, Apato, for led the Great Herds to the Green Meadow with your son and his friends’ help, that why I’ll makes you as a new leader of the Green Meadow.”

    “Thank you, Baylene, I won’t let you down.” Apato said. “And you were right about my son and his friends’ help and work together for all of us.”

    “Speaker about with the kids’ help, Apato, where are they’re go?” Trike asked.

    But Apato see what the children doing and bet he knows: they play together.

    And so, Dink and his friends; Tops, Amber, Flapper, Shyler, Glump and his new adopted brother Max by his father Apato, are play together.

    At long last, the Great Herds are finally safe in the Green Meadow as their new home. And this time, their journey is finally over, but their new adventures is only begins.

The End... but their new adventures is just beginning.