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Saltopus was not much bigger than a rabbit and it was discovered in Scotland. It lived in the late Triassic (215-207mya) Period. Probably the size of a small cat, with hollow bones like those of a bird, and (based on related forms) probably had five-fingered hands and a long head with dozens of sharp teeth. None of this can be known for certain, as Saltopus' fossils are few (mostly hind limb fragments).


Fact File[]

Length = 60 cm

Height = 40cm

Weight = 1 kg

Diet = Unknown, presumed Carnivorous


Saltopus probably hunted small lizards and scavenged corpses of anything it could find in the scorched landscape of Triassic Pangaea. Others ague that it was omvivorous, eating plants as well.

Is this a Dino?[]

It has been amazingly identified as a theropod (beast footed) dinosaur, a more advanced theropod, and a close relative of Herrerasaurus, the first true dinosaur, but its taxonomy is in dispute because only fragmentary remains have been recovered. Some suggestions have been made that this is always a primitive dinosauriform, not just a true dinosaur.

Illustration of Triassic reptiles in Scotland