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Saltasaurus was a small, Cretaceous Sauropod.It was a titanosaur

Fact File

Length: 12 metres


Height: 4 metres

Weight: 7 tonnes

Diet: Herbivore


Saltasaurus was a herbivore, and would have eaten leaves from trees. Being relatively small, it couldn't reach as high as some other Sauropods. This also made it prey for large carnivores such as Abelisaurus ,Giganotosaurus and Carnotaurus.For defence, Saltsaurus had scutes covering its body. The scientific name for these scutes is osteoderms


Saltasaurus (meaning 'Lizard from Salta'), was first described by Jose Bonaparte and Jaime E. Powell in 1980. As well as being found in north-west Argentina, fossils of it have also been discovered in Uruguay. Saltasaurus was estimated to live 70 million years ago.