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Saltasaurus was a form of Titanosaurid which appeared in the Late Cretaceous, 73-67.3 mya. It was a medium- sized sauropod, with the typical bulky brachiosaur build, despite the fact that the two were only distantly related. What really makes Saltasaurus stand out from the crowd is the rows of large, bony, nodules, known as osteodemrs, which grew on the herbivore's back. All sauropods have long necks. It was named after Salta, a town in Argentina that it was discovered in. They grew around 30 ft. long. They were also in Uruguay.

File:Saltasaur size.jpg


File:Egg of a dino.jpg

Saltasaurus egg

The females laid eggs in clutches of around 25 eggs each. These eggs can be found with well-preserved fossil embryos stil inside.

In popular culture

In the enhanced-motion vehicle attraction Dinosaur at Disney's Animal Kingdom theme park, a saltasaurus is seen in the ride, mentioned as a "sauropod".

Ride Saltosaurus.jpg