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Quetzalcoatlus was the largest pterosaur ever to have lived. Its wingspan was similar to that of a small aeroplane. It lived in the Cretaceous Period (about 80-65mya). It mainly flew around, skimming over the lakes to snap up fish, but also swooping onto prey on the land. Like most large pterosaurs, it could glide for 300 miles and flap its wings once or twice. Its eyesight was extrordinary, as it had four times the clarity of humans, and it could see in ultraviolet light.


Fact File

Height = 2m

Length = 5m

Wingspan = 11m(37ft)

Weight = 100kg

Diet = Carnivorous Species=Q.Northropi,unnamed species


Quetzalcoatlus mainly ate fish, but sometimes it acted like the modern perigrine falcon, and swooped down on its prey whilst it was on land. It is also probable that this pterosaur occasionally fed on carcasses, like a modern day buzzard. When it was injured or resting, it was sometimes attacked by T-Rex.

Popular Culture

Quetzalcoatlus featured in Discovery Channel's Clash Of The Dinosaurs. It was feeding on T-rex babies.


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