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Prehistoric Park is a TV series with Nigel Marven. It first aired on ITV in summer 2006. He travels through time portals to bring back creatures from the past, and give

PP Elasmo w Nigel

Nigel with an Elasmotherium

them a first chance at life, in Prehistoric Park. Dinosaurs he has rescued include Troodon (he didn't know yet), Microraptor, Titanosaurs, Triceratops, Ornithomimus and the King of Dinosaurs - T-Rex, but he has also rescued lots of other animals, such as mammoths, saber-tooth cats, arthropleura and Deinosuchus.

Animal Names[]

Through Nigel's adventures, some of his finds have been named.

T-Rex - Terence and Matilda

Mammoth - Martha

Triceratops - Theo

Smilodon - Sabrina and Santiago

The rest of the animals at Prehistoric Park aren't named.


Episode 1 - Nigel aims to recover a T-rex, but ends up first with a Triceratops, them some Ornithomimus, and finally two T-rex

Epsiode 2 - Nigel aims to bring back a mammoth, but first gets away from a Cave Bear to find an Elasmotherium, after a Woolly Mammoth

Episode 3 - Nigel brings back a herd of Titanosaurs and some Microraptor.

Episode 4 - Nigel aims to and successfully does recover a pair of saber-tooth tigers and a phorusrhacos

Episode 5 - Nigel brings back three types of massive insect - Arthropleura, Meganuera and a giant scorpion

Episode 6 - Nigel aims to recover a Deinosuchus, which he successfully does. He also brings back a Troodon. At the end of this epsiode, Matilda, one of the T-rex, is let loose when a Titanosaur breaks down her enclosure fence.


  • The name of the show, Prehistoric Park, is similiar with the name of the movie Jurassic Park. People bring back dinosaurs to life in both, but uses different methods from another.
  • The show consists of 6 episodes, and so does Walking with Dinosaurs, which is made by the same team.