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Ornithocheirus (meaning bird hand) was a large Pterosaur from the Cretaceous period.

It lived in many places around the globe including Brazil and England. It was large but not as large as Quetzalcoatlus, which is the largest identified to this day, being the size of a giraffe. It probably fed on fish and crustaceans on its migrations around the world, there is possible evidence of these migrations because they are found in many places around the world.


Ornithocheirus was the largest of the pterosaurs in the Early Cretaceous. With a 40 ft wingspan (12 Metres) it was the undisputed king of the skies until Queztalcoatlus took over. Male Ornithocheirus would usually have a crest on his beak, probably used for attracting mates, whilst females and younger Ornithocheirus didn't have they unique crests.

In The Media[]

Ornithocheirus is seen in the Walking with Dinosaurs episode "King of the Skies", in which an old male is featured as the main character. It also makes another appearance in Walking with Dinosaurs in the Special "Land of Giants".'