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Nundasuchus (Nun-dah-su-kuss) is an extinct genus of carnivorous Archosaur that lived in Southern Tanzania during the middle triassic period, 240 million years ago. It was known from a single partially complete skeleton and skull. It walked upright, because it had legs underneath its body to help it run faster.


Nundasuchus looked like a giant crocodile with long legs, but it belonged to a group of reptiles called Archosaurs that also includes crocodilians, Birds, Pterosaurs, and Dinosaurs, the fearfully great lizards.


Nundasuchus was discovered and described in the year, 2014 by a famous prehistoric scientist. Its scientific name is "Nundasuchus Songeaensis" which means Predator Crocodile. But it wasn't a crocodile at all, although it was a type of extinct reptile.