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Restoration of Noasaurus

Noasaurus Leali was a small, hunting abelisaurid with a killing claw on the second toe of its foot, like a maniraptoran. The two classifications, however, are distantly related, and the killing claw might have been in response to new needs of hunting style. Research has shown that this claw could not be used for slashing, like most raptor-like claws are used for.

Most researchers believe this restoration is inaccurate, however. They believe that the claw belongs on the hand rather the foot, making it look more of an abelisaurid rather than a maniraptoran.

It lived during the late Cretaceous era and was named by Bonaparte and J. E. Powellin 1980.

Fact File[]

Length: 3 meters (10 feet)

Order: Neoceratosauria

Family: Abelisauridae

Range: Argentina

Meaning: "Northwest Argentine lizard"


Noasaurus had a hunter-lifestyle, so it ate small animals.

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