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Microraptor gui

Microraptor was a small drameosaur that lived in what would become China during the Cretaceous period.

Sharing this with Bienosaurus, the Microraptor is the second dinosaur with three names.

It was one of the smallest known dinosaurs. An unusual and unique feature were the four wings it had. Not like a dragonfly, but wings on its arms and legs. It was probably a carnivore, having been found with enantiornithe (an extinct type of bird) remains, probably using the same methods as modern day eagles and hawks, in which the "raptors" (see Dromaeosauridae) are believed to have evolved. It was one of the few defenitely flying non-avian dinosaurs, having adaptations similar to modern birds like a propatagium and an allula, though having a more bat-like wing musculature. It had claws like Velociraptor that it used probaly to pick up small lizards.

In the Media[]

In The Land Before Time 12: The Great Day of Flyers and Hermit of the Black Rock Guido was a Microraptor and he's the only dinosaur that glides.

Microraptor also made a appearence in Planet Dinosaur chasing a lizard, but it was ambushed by another dinosaur, Sinornithosaurus and had to escape. It was also featured in Prehistoric Park from the episode "Dinobirds" onwards, when Nigel Marven had captured them in a mid-Cretaceous Chinese forest.