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The Dinosaur Tales - Main Characters

Dink the Longneck, Tops the Threehorn, Amber the Hollowhorn, Flapper the Flyer, Shyler the Sailback, Glump the Spiketail, Max the friendly Meat-Eater and Chip the Tiny Longneck

The Dinosaurs Tales by MCsaurus

The stories about eight young dinosaurs (five herbivores, a pterosaur, a synapsid and a friendly carnivore) named Dink the Longneck (Apatosaurus), Tops the Threehorn (Triceratops), Amber the Hollowhorn (Corythosaurus), Flapper the Flyer (Pteranodon), Shyler the Sailback (Edaphosaurus), Glump the Spiketail (Stegosaurus), Max the friendly Meat-Eater (Tyrannosaurus) and Chip the Tiny Longneck (Mussaurus) who live in a peaceful valley called the Green Meadow. After seven young dinosaurs found to bring the herd to the Green Meadow, they meet to protect tiny longnecks, befriends a friendly young Fast-Biter named Tiger, survive a drought, search for healer flowers to make Dink’s father better from ill, befriends too help a young swimmer return to the sea, and cold snap snows.

Main characters of The Dinosaur Tales

* Dink the Longneck (Apatosaurus) – He is a leader of his friends. He is son of Apato the new leader of the herd. His mother’s killed by the terrible Meat-Eater Gigano the Giganotosaurus while he’s hatch.

* Tops the Threehorn (Triceratops) – He’s tough but nice. He is son of Trike the gentle Threehorn and Trixie’s brother. He dislike his sister Trixie is bossy, stubbornness, bad attitude and mean who don’t believe or care about everything and thought Threehorns are best than other dinosaurs but she’s wrong, she’s sound like his uncle Black Horn the rogue Threehorn. Tops know how Dink feels about his mother’s died when he was a little.

* Amber the Hollowhorn (Corythosaurus) – She’s kind and gentle. She is a daughter of her parents Corin and Duck.

* Flapper the Flyer (Pteranodon) – He can flying. He lives in a cave with his Pteranodon family; mother, father, brothers and sisters and uncle Longbeak.

* Shyler the Sailback (Edaphosaurus) – He’s young smart, shy and playful. He looks after Glump since his parents died. He and Glump became friends as like brothers.

* Glump the Spiketail (Stegosaurus) – He is a glutton who always eat plants and fruits but he’s can’t talk as a mute. He lost his parents so Shyler and his parents care him until he joins the Spiketail herd at the Green Meadow.

* Max the friendly Meat-Eater (Tyrannosaurus) – He’s younger as Shlyer. Max is a adopted by Dink and his father Apato while his mother’s killed by the murder Black Horn. Max tries to make friends with other young dinosaurs because he’s nice and friendly.

* Chip the Tiny Longneck (Mussaurus) – He is one of tiny Mussaurus called the Tinysauruses. He wants to see the Green Meadow as an explorer until befriends Dink whose size is big. While he make friend with Dink, he join Dink and his friends on their own adventures and playful. Chip climb to on Dink’s head.

Eight young dinosaurs are my main characters in my own dinosaur adventures called The Dinosaur Tales. Dink, Amber, Flapper and Shyler are based on characters from Dink and the Little Dinosaur and Tops, Glump, Max and Chip are my OC characters and Glump is a based on same name from Hanna-Barbera’s Valley of the Dinosaurs.