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Main Characters
Name Species Voice Description
Dink Brontosaurus[1] R. J. Williams Kind, brave, smart and has a strong bond with his friends.
Amber Corythosaurus Anndi McAfee A close friend of Dink's, she is like a big sister figure.
Scat Compsognathus Frank Welker[2][3] Tends to be paranoid, but has a humongous appepite and he speaks in third person.
Shyler Edaphosaurus Ben Ryan Ganger A shy friend of Dink, with a speech impediment and looks up to Dink and Amber as older siblings.
Flapper Pteranodon S. Scott Bullock Tends to be a braggart and a jokester and he speaks with a slight lisp. He constantly tries to land in water, but always fails.
Crusty Proganochelys Frank Welker Mentors the dino youngsters and tells them stories that often help teach them valuable lessons.
Name Species Voice Description
Ariel Parasaurolophus Jennifer Darling Exceptionally courageous and self-sacrificing, she lives at the Lake of Mists and is viewed by other dinosaurs as an almost supernatural figure.
Uncle Longbeak Pteranodon Hamilton Camp Flapper's uncle, whom he talks about a lot.
Pearl Edaphosaurus A female friend of Shyler.
Scratcher Deinonychus Dick Beals A Herbivore by his own choice.
Red Brachiosaurus Sometimes called Thundermaker. Actually a spirit who lived in the Cave of Spirits.
Earthshaker Ultrasaurus Frank Welker Shakes the ground when he walks and talks. None too fond of smaller creatures, but willing to return a favor.
Dippo Diplocaulus Dana Hill Afraid of what other dinosaurs think of his kind. Good friends with Shyler.
Opo Opisthocoelicaudia Friend of the gang who helps Ariel to escape from Tyrannor.
Dim Rebbachisaurus A dimwitted friend of the gang.
Tubble & Hubble Diplodocus Jim Cummings,
Jack Angel
An old pair of pathfinders for their herd.
Squirt Stegosaurus Russi Taylor Once thought Crusty was his mother.
Shortspike Scelidosaurus Friend of Dink and separated from his parents due to a volcano trouble.
Cornelius Iguanodon Once a rival of Dink's.
Trail Blazer Brontosaurus Used his tail to create Green Meadow and Tarpit Pass (which protects Green Meadow from Hunters like Tyrannor).
Patch & Ridetail Brontosaurus" Trail Blazer's children.


Once Trail Blazer's rival.
Tiny Megazostrodon Joey CamenTemplate:Citation needed A friend in need, helped by Dink to get fruit guarded by a bullish Dicraeosaurus.
Brighteyes Titanosaurus Jodi Carlisle A mother to be. Helped by the gang to protect her eggs from Egghunters.
Buttercup Proganochelys Billie Hayes Crusty's childhood turtle friend.
Beast Saurolophus Michael Bell Has a disfigured body structure.
Iggy Camptosaurus Shyler helps him find his way home.
Nobbie Pachycephalosaurus A good friend of Shyler.
Daisy Barosaurus Scar once had a crush on her.
Brusier Barosaurus Daisy's boyfriend.
Glowy Firefly Shyler wanted to keep.
Melodi Supersaurus Kath Soucie Then gang helps her save her mate.
Forest Corythosaurus Cam Clarke Once made Dink jealous one time.
Stormfoot Centrosaurus Dana Hill Fought Dink in the "Challenge of the Desert" duel.
Jerry Gerrothorax Tail gets stuck under a rock but is rescued by Crusty.
Mama Triceratops Triceratops Once thought Scat was her son.
Name Species Voice Description
Tyrannor Tyrannosaurus Chases Dink and his friends all over their prehistoric world. He is feared by every known dinosaur.
Hunters Various carnivorous dinosaurs that mostly reside in Hunter's Grove.
Scavengers Pterodactylus Frank Welker A troublesome flock.
Fleetfoot Ornitholestes Jim Cummings Hunts Pterosaurs.
Honeyfruit Monster Iguanodon
Sharptooth Allosaurus According to Crusty, he would even scare Tyrannor. He had fought Trail Blazer with the resulting fight creating Green Meadow and Tarpit Pass.
Snakenecks Elasmosaurus
Sandtooth Dinilysia
Watertooth Nothosaur
Shelleater Baryonyx Known to prey on turtles.
Bolderbuns Zigongosaurus Frank Welker
Waterhunters Kronosaurus,
Egghunters Acanthopholis A trio that targets Brighteyes' eggs.
Sharpmouth Albertosaurus
Slidetooth Gigantophis