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Herrerasaurus use

Herrerasaurus is one of the earliest dinosaurs ever to be discovered. It has hinged jaws and it can open it's mouth wide to gobble up chunks of meat. It has perfect serrated teeth like a saw. It also has short arm bones but it also has long hands.

Herrerasaurus means 'Herrera's Lizard' for the discoverer Don Victorino Herrera. Herrerasauruses grow to about 16.5 feet long and live everywhere. It isn't the biggest predator although other giants are not dinosaurus. They are in fact Crocodilians. Unlike the other giant killers, Herreasaurus stands on it's hind legs. It is a very fierce predator.

Known Specimens[]

  • The holotype specimen PVL 2566 is 3.5 meters long, and its femur measured 473 mm, which represents the largest upper leg bone found for this genus
  • specimen PVL 2558a had an unknown body length; femur ~440 mm
  • specimen PVL 2054 was 3.1 meters long; femur 385 mm
  • specimen PVSJ 373 had an unknown body length; femur 345 mm
  • specimen MLP 61-VIII-2-3 was 2.7 meters long; femur 335 mm
  • specimen MACN 18.060 was 2.3 meters long; femur 286 mm; skull ~250 mm
  • specimen PVSJ 53 had an unknown body length; skull 560 mm
  • specimen PVSJ 407 had an unknown body length; skull 300 mm