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Gerrothorax is a carnivorous species & genus of Temnospondyl amphibian from the Triassic period of Greenland, Germany, Sweden, and possibly Thailand.

It is known from a single species, G. pulcherrimus, although several other species such as G. pustuloglomeratus have been named.

Gerrothorax was about 1 metre (3 feet) long, and had a remarkably flattened body. It is presumed that the amphibian hid under sand or mud on river and lake bottoms, scanning for prey with its large, upward-facing eyes.

Gerrothorax had an unusually shaped skull with angular protrusions on the sides. This looked vaguely similar to the skull of the earlier, unrelated, amphibian Diplocaulus, but was not so developed.

Some Gerrothorax fossils preserved their bony gill arches near the neck. This shows that Gerrothorax was likely retaining its larval gills as an adult.