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Most dinosaurs' names come from Latin or Greek words. Sometimes, they are named for the person who discovered them, or the place they were discovered, like Minmi. A few dinosaurs are simply named after English words, like Irritator, and the early Jurassic carnivore, Gasosaurus, literally meaning "gas lizard." The small dinosaur's name does not imply that it ate a lot of beans, but that it was discovered in China during the construction of a gas factory. This dinosaur is an early "tetanuran" which is the group containing advanced theropods, making it an early relative, and possibly even ancestor of such monsters as Allosaurus, and T-rex.

Fact File[]

Length: 3-4 meters


Height: 1-1.2 meters

Weight: 100-400 kg

Diet: Carnivorous


Gasosaurus would probably have fed mostly on small to medium sized animals, but could theoretically have even taken down primitive sauropods. Perhaps it could accomplish this by using pack-hunting.

Greg paul shunogas

Gasosaurs attacking a herd of the sauropod Shunosaurus.

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