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The aims of this great wiki are as follows:

1) To become One Dinosaur Wiki To Rule Them All!! (Sorry about the dodgy LOTR's quote, but I couldn't resist!)

2) To create over 200 articles.

3) To become a large and very successful wiki. (wikia spotlight)

4) To establish and maintain a good reputation as a caring and vandal-free wiki.

5) To pass on our knowledge of dinosaurs to the world.

With your help, we could acheive these aims. Create an account TODAY! ( ...or tomorrow...or whenever you have the time.. just please create an account...) PLEASE!!!

Our dream of becoming the biggest dinosaur wiki on earth is coming true. Dinopedia is turining inactive and one of our Founders, T-Rex 882, is trying to adopt it. If he gets it, it will be merged into this wiki.