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Welcome to the Sysop/Bureaucrat Contact Page. Use this page to contact a sysop or bureaucrat in case of matters that you feel are not important enough to be taken to the Founders (remember, only important issues to the Founders). If the sysop/bureaucrat you contact feels the issue is important enough, they will report to the Founders.

This is the best place to report vandalism.

Here are the sysops/bureaucrats you can contact:

ADK46 (LEGENDARY BUREAUCRAT): ADK46 is one of the 2 non-Founder bureaucrats. He runs the Dino News section of the Main Page. If you wan to add anything to it, ask him before you do so...or else. ADK46 is well-trained in the arts of vandalism reverting and vandal blocking (He learned from the best - the Founders), so if you see a vandalised page, message him! He can also assign you user rights, so if you feel that you have achieved the criteria required, message him! ADK46 has first contact with the Founders.

Troodon145 (BUREAUCRAT): Troodon145 is one of the 2 non-Founder bureaucrats. He is in charge of recruitment and, like ADK46, has first contact with the Founders. If you are new to the wiki, or think you should advance through the ranks (he can assign user rights), it's him you need to get in touch with! Troodon145 is also an experienced vandal reverter.

Toothless99 (LEGENDARY SYSOP): A dab hand with all things wiki, Toothless is happy to help with any problems you may have, be it a serial vandal or a minor spelling error.

Station7 (SYSOP): Station7 can do everything a bureaucrat can do, except change your rank. So if you see a rubbish/pointless page, message him and he can delete it; if you see vandalism, message him and he can revert it, and he's always fun to talk to if you're bored and want a chat.

Chasmosaurus (SYSOP): One of the most friendly users around, but show him a vandal and watch the sparks fly!!!