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Dinogorgon (meaning "terrible gorgon") is an extinct genus of rubidgeine gorgonopsid from the Late Permian of South Africa and Tanzania. Dinogorgon was a 2 m (6 ft) long predator that preyed on reptiles and smaller therapsids.


Like more derived rubidgeines, Dinogorgon has a number of massive bosses and rugosities on its skull, likely to reduce the stresses caused by struggling prey. Its snout was deep but narrow, similar to Aelurognathus but narrower than Rubidgea and Clelandina. It had 4-5 upper and lower postcanine teeth, which further distinguishes it from Rubidgea.


Dinogorgon shares many characteristics with Rubidgea and Clelandina, which has led some authors to synonymize them. All three are now considered to be part of the same tribe, Rubidgeini, rather than the same genus. [1]A restoration of Dinogorgon rubidgei Below is a cladogram by Kammerer et al. in 2016.