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Definitely Dinosaurs was a collection of dinosaur toys produced by Playskool in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Each figure was branded with a distinctive stamp on its underbelly or leg to indicate authenticity. All of the figures in the series were dinosaurs, with the exception of Dimetrodon and Moschops. Each figure came with a caveman counterpart and comic book. Additionally, larger figures often included saddles or other accessories. The cavemen varied by gender, race, and other features, such as hair and clothing. Cavemen were also available as two-packs on blister cards. Smaller versions of the main series of dinosaurs as well as new dinosaurs were included in the Wendy's kid's meal and on blister cards. A total of three series were produced representing twenty-one different prehistoric animals:

Serial # Series # Dinosaur Dinosaur Name Dinosaur Description Caveman Name Caveman Description Accessories
3000 1 Ankylosaurus Lozar Red Back with White Belly Thrax White Bald Male with mustache; yellow clothing None
3001 1 Protoceratops Cera Green fading from dark to light with spots on frill Zindar White Curly Brown-haired Male; green clothing None
3002 1 Struthiomimus Strimus Bluish/purple fading from dark to light Grak White Light Brown-haired Male; light blue clothing None
3003 1 Deinonychus Dragar Green Back with Yellow Belly Druze White Blonde Male with no beard; red clothing None
3005 2 Moschops Elgar Pink Back with Purple Body Shindar White Brown-haired Male with Beard; yellow clothing None
3006 2 Psittacosaurus Takor Blue fading from dark to light Unknown White Reddish-brown haired Male with goatee None
3007 2 Dimetrodon Trodar Green fading from dark to light None None None
3013 2 Polacanthus Glutron Dark Blue back with Light Blue Body; cream spikes Bisor White Brown-haired Male with mustache; purple clothing None
3014 2 Pachycephalosaurus Zalmar Orangish Back with light Brown Body Reeve White bald Male with unshaven face; blue clothing None
3020 1 Anatosaurus Ana Orange Zorg White Blonde Male with no beard; light blue/green clothing Green Swing Saddle
3022 1 Triceratops Dozer Dark Brown with dark brown spots on frill/cream horns Brin Black Dark Curly-haired Male; red clothing Dark Red Saddle with spikes
3023 1 Stegosaurus Spike Gray Back with White Belly; cream plates Dron White Bald Male with mustache; blue clothing Protoceratops mask
3025 2 Spinosaurus Spiney Orange Back with Yellow Body 2 cavemen Unknown/Unknown 2 seat basket saddle
3026 2 Parasaurolophus Parax Purple Back with Lavender Body Romur Black male with beard; yellow clothing Green Saddle
3050 1 Apatosaurus Pat Blue 2 cavemen Unknown White Saddle
3055 1 Tyrannosaurus Tyro Green fading from dark to light Lexa White Brown-haired Female; red dress Blue Saddle
3056 2 Ultrasaurus Ultrar Red Back with Yellow Body 2 cavemen Unknown/Unknown Large saddle with frame and roof piece
3113 3 Tyrannosaurus None Green fading from dark to light None None None
3117 3 Triceratops None Brownish Blue/Green Body with Blue/Green spots on frill; cream horns None None None
3118 3 Stegosaurus None Darker Gray Body with White Belly; cream plates None None None
3119 3 Anatosaurus None Green Back with Yellow Belly None None None
3122 3 Deinonychus None Yellowish/Green fading medium to light None None None
3130 3 Protoceratops None Green fading from dark to light/no spots on frill None None None
3131 3 Psittacosaurus None Blue fading from dark to light None None None
3132 3 Dimetrodon None Reddish/Purple Back with White Belly None None None

Series 3 1992 The third series marked a departure from the original two. In this series, an assortment of various figures from the first two series were repainted without cavemen or props. Some figures had a dramatic color change while others were subtle or practically non-exisent.

Blister-carded and Kid's Meal Dinosaurs 1988 and 1991 These figures were released in three waves; they were released both as blister packs and kids meal toys in 1988 and again in 1991. Instead of reproducing the original two series' figures in miniature, new molds were created for some of the figures, while others were never reproduced. However, three animals were created just for the these lines: Brachiosaurus, Ceratosaurus, and Leptoceratops. No cavemen or accessories were available for these figures.

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Dinosaur Name Year Color Notes
1. Ankylosaurus Thondor 1988 Rust colored/Orange None
1988 Green fading from dark to light 2nd series promo
1991 Yellow/Brown None
2. Anatosaurus None 1988 Yellow/Orange 1st series promo
1991 Gray/Brown None
3. Apatosaurus None 1988 Blue fading from dark to light 1st series promo
1988 Pink/Purple 2nd series promo
1991 Cream/Brown None
4. Brachiosaurus Trimor 1988 Yellow/Green None
1991 Lime/Green None
5. Ceratosaurus Zune 1988 Tan/Mustard Yellow None
1988 Green fading from dark to light 2nd series promo
1991 Green/Yellow None
6. Leptoceratops Jexar 1988 Blue fading from dark to light None
1991 White/Blue None
7. Parasaurolophus Flexar 1988 Pink/Purple None
1988 Blue 2nd series promo
1991 Blue fading from dark to light None
8. Stegosaurus Massor 1988 Green fading from dark to light None
1988 Green/Yellow 2nd series promo
1991 Lavender/Purple None
9. Triceratops None 1988 Green fading from dark to light 1st series promo
1988 Brown/Orange 2nd series promo
1991 Brown fading from dark to light None
10. Tyrannosaurus None 1988 Blue/Lavender 1st series promo

Cavemen Nine caveman two-packs were released. Of the cavemen offered were exclusive to these two-packs.

Set Caveman 1 Caveman 2
1 Fleb Trozar
2 Korex Poldar
3 Kronar Dron
4 Lomex Shrag
5 Nazaar Zolox
6 Shonar Erg
7 Thrax Grak
8 Zindar Druze
9 Zorg Thrax


For collectors, the majority of these figures are relatively easy to find and inexpensive; however there are exceptions. Many of the props are becoming harder to find. From the first series, the stegosaurus is often considered a prize due to the fact that many of them that are available are missing plates. From the second series, the moschops and the polacanthus are interesting pieces but not necessarily more scarce or harder to obtain than the other pieces. The ultrasaurus is harder to find; it's size and lateness (it was the last new piece in the regular series) has made it a desirable piece. The majority of the smaller pieces are easy to find, including the cavemen. Harder to find are the individuals from the third series. However, several of them look exactly like the originals; only the serial number is an indication of which series it is from. Rarest of these is the green and yellow anatosaurus. The hardest piece to find is the regular sized ankylosaurus with the backwards leg joints. In the majority of the pieces, the elbow faces toward the tail and the knee faces toward the head. However, in a few individuals, the elbow and the knee both faced the tail, resulting in a figure that lies down differently from the regular one.


The stamp is similar to the Jurassic Park stamp that Hasbro used for their dinos in decades to come.



80's Playskool Definitely Dinosaurs Commercial


Playskool Definitely Dinosaurs Commercial 1988