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Big Rock National Park is a National Park (and camping ground) that is located in Northern California, United States. It is also located 20 miles away from the Lockwood Manor.

In 2019, a family on a camping trip had a major encounter with a group of Nasutoceratops and an Allosaurus that came to be known as the "Battle at Big Rock". It was the first major instance of conflict between human beings and dinosaurs in the wider world.


The history of Big Rock National Park prior to the 2019 incident is unknown. When exactly it became a national park is also unknown but it more than likely had a similar history to other United States National Parks. Being inhabited by the indigenous peoples of the area (one of the several groups of California Native Americans) before being taken over by the United States Government and later made into a National Park with the intention to preserve its natural wilderness.

As a United States National Park, Big Rock would be operated by the National Park Service which in turn is managed by the Department of the Interior. Park Rangers worked in Big Rock acting as guides and informing campers and visitors of the rules of the Park. It was a tourist destination and frequented by campers who could stay on designated camp grounds which were large enough for trailers to park.

According to Dennis, bears are some of the wildlife that inhabit the park. One of several warnings for park visitors was "DON'T FEED THE WILDLIFE".

In 2018, several dinosaurs were captured by hunters and mercenaries on Isla Nublar before the eruption of Mt. Sibo. These animals were brought to the estate of Sir Benjamin Lockwood under the orders of businessman Eli Mills. Several were auctioned off to buyers from around the world, but an incident then occurred resulting in the dinosaurs being released into the wild from the estate. Amongst these species were two Nasutoceratops and an Allosaurus who crossed 20 miles away and settled at Big Rock National Park.

Battle at Big Rock[]

In 2019, a family of five from Oakland, California were camping at Big Rock National Park when they encounter a female Nasutoceratops and her offspring foraging near their RV. The ceratopsids are then attacked by an adult Allosaurus, only to be warded off when the male Nasutoceratops arrive. The Allosaurus then turns its attention to the RV, destroying it and nearly killing the family. However, they managed to survive the encounter thanks to their young daughter shooting three crossbow bolts at the Allosaurus. It then fled leaving the family in the ruins of their RV. News reports would later relay what happened during the incident as the first major encounter of incidence between humans and dinosaurs in the wider world.

Jurassic World: Dominion[]

In 2022, a newscaster reports that much of the predators escaped from the auction were captured, but the remaining dinosaurs scattered in the National Park. The newscast showed footage of two Ankylosaurus in the park.

Dinosaurs sighted at Big Rock National Park[]

  • Allosaurus (1)
  • Ankylosaurus (2)
  • Apatosaurus (10)
  • Brachiosaurus (4)
  • Compsognathus (77)
  • Nasutoceratops (3)
  • Parasaurolophus (22)
  • Pteranodon (19)
  • Sinoceratops (11)
  • Stegosaurus (6)
  • Triceratops (8)
  • Tyrannosaurus (4)
  • Velociraptor (7)