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Arthropleura is a giant, centipede-like arthropod that lived in the Carboniferous period, 320 to 299 million years ago, and was the largest known land arthropod ever.

In The Media[]

  • Arthropleura appeared in Walking With Monsters, cause it was fighting with a grouchy and hungry amphibian. Unfortunately the fiercesome animal turned the millipede over until it hit a spikey tree stamp and was starting to bleed to death. Then the creature turned the bug into its meal.
  • It also made an appearance in Prehistoric Park where zoologist Nigel Marvin was chasing after one, later he found another one buried in the dirt to escape the fire. Then Nigel caught the Arthropleura and then decided to bring it back to the park.
  • It made an appearance in Primeval being oversized and possessing a poisonous bite (Inaccurately).
  • A young Arthropleura was seen in the 2014 film, Dinosaur Island.