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Argentinosaurus was a large sauropod which was considered to be the largest known dinosaur ever until the discovery of Seismosaurus and Sauroposeidon.[1] It was originally discovered when a farmer found its thighbone around his crops. He thought it was petrified wood and brought it to scientists and they quickly found that it was in fact the femur of a very large sauropod dinosaur. It was named in 1993.


It is possibly the largest dinosaur along with Seismosaurus, Bruhathkayosaurus, and Amphicoelias. It had been estimated to weigh about 75-100 tonnes when fully grown. Like all sauropods, it probably ate the leaves off the tops of conifers. It was a titanosaur, some of the biggest animals to have ever walked on land, and grew to that size to protect itself from predators like Giganotosaurus, Mapusaurus, and possibly Tyrannotitan as well. It had along, horizontal tail meant for balance or protection, and an extended, sturdy neck, good for reaching high into trees. When needed, Argentinosaurus could most likely stand up on its hind legs and use its tail for an extra balance. It had four thick, strong legs designed for holding its intense weight up instead of moving fast. But then again, why would it need to be fast? It was big and strong enough to keep nearly any predator away. It also most likely travelled in herds from place to place, finding where the best possible food areas are after they've stripped the last area down. It was also one of the last sauropods to have lived, and may have shared its environment with another, smaller sauropod called Amargasaurus. Just like other massive dinosaurs, it cannot run at high speeds nor gallop due to its massive size & weight. The largest weight of this creature could be 110 tons, and its longest length would've been at least 130 - 135 feet long, the Argentinosaurus's height can stand around 70 feet tall.

In Popular Culture[]

Argentinosaurus was featured in a Walking with Dinosaurs special, Land of Giants, where Nigel Marvin tries to find them and see how they lived and survived from predators like Giganotosaurus. They were also in the BBC documentary Planet Dinosaur, where a herd of them is attacked by a pack of Mapusaurus. It was a main character in the IMAX movie, Dinosaurs, Giants of Patagonia. It is also an antagonist and minor protagonist in the Genndy Tartakovsky's Primal.











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