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Aquilops is an early herbivorous ceratopsian dinosaur dating from the Early Cretaceous of North America, approximately 108 million to 104 million years ago. The type species is A. americanus.


The skull is 84.2 mm long. The holotype is possibly not from a full-grown individual. A comparison with related species indicates it might have been at 60% of its adult length.[1] Wedel estimated the total body length of Aquilops at 60 cm and its weight at 1.5 kg.[1]

The authors established some unique traits. The rostral, the bone core of the snout beak, curves downwards and has an arched keel on its top with a bump on the front. In front of the tooth row the upper jaw rim is over its total length concave in side view. The skull opening, the antorbital fenestra, is twice as long as it is tall and has a pointed rear, below the eye socket.